Fall Activities

Fall Activities

Everyone knows that there is no comparison to an autumn weekend in Vermont. Every September and October, autumn ripples through the state in a broad palette of red, gold, orange and amber hues, creating an unparalleled show in the Green Mountains. With two gondolas heading to two of the highest peaks in Vermont, there's nowhere to catch the show like Killington!

Killington Color
Warm sunny days and cooler evenings help provide favorable conditions for chlorophyll-choked leaves to begin turning bright red and orange.
A relatively dry summer should allow for brilliant colors beginning sometime in and around Labor Day here in the Killington region-peaking sometime near Columbus Day Weekend.
There is a greater contrast and more depth of color on overcast days and in the early morning/late-afternoon when the sun is low. In bright sunlight, as in mid-day, the colors become more bleached.

Scenic Views

Scenic routes 4, 7, and 100 provide great,picturesque driving routes while the K-1 and Skyeship gondola are perfect opportunities to let someone else do the driving while you watch the colors fly past.

Beautiful Kent Pond, and Chittendon Reservoir, both located minutes from the resort, are beautiful bodies of water on which canoes, kayaks and paddleboats are welcome (and available to rent), and offer a unique perspective to view Fall unfold.

Fall and Snow

As Killington prepares for its historic mid-October opening (thanks to the recently expanded and most extensive snowmaking system on the planet), visitors to the Killington region may see some white mixed into the autumnal palette; Killington has opening first ushering in eastern skiing and snowboarding for 41 consecutive seasons.

Come up and check out fall in the Killington region and explore scenic byways, lightly covered paths or to forge your own Fall Autumn experience.

Shuttle Bus to Slopes
There are multiple shuttles to take you up to the Pico and Killington slopes. The "Pick Up" spot is to the left of the Condo Complex Main Driveway on Rt. 4 Called "Killington-Pico Motor Inn" stop on Map.Weekend pick ups are never longer then every 1/2 hour. From the main driveway of the development it takes you directly to Pico & Killington Ski Areas. Click here for the schedule.